Photo of a motion=blurred tunnelPhoto of a motion=blurred tunnel

Your Toolbox for Mobility and Logistics

The geOps developer portal provides a toolbox for public transit applications. The tools comprise web services as well as open source libraries that have been inspired by many projects realized for public transit agencies.

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About the geOps Developer Portal

Our tools support extensive and precise information for passengers on public transit networks and timetables including deviations and disruptions, much of it in realtime.

An important focus is on spatial information specially processed for the needs of public transport. Results are APIs for maps that emphasize public transport or APIs that visualize the exact course of routes or that track the positions of vehicles.


You may use all services published here for free up to a certain limit.

Simply register and create your personal API-key in order to unlock the services.

If you want to use the services in production please contact us at, and we will find the best suitable plan for your needs.

To get detailed technical instructions check the Guides section.