Services and Credits

Pricing is based on the use of credits. Credits are counted by the number of requests or the duration of open connections, whereas each service requires different numbers of credits per unit.

Maps Standard1000 requests for vector tiles1
Maps Raster1000 requests for raster map tiles10
Routing1000 routing requests25
Stops1000 search requests for stops10
Realtime via Get1000 requests for vehicle position, stop times5
Realtime via Websocket1000 minutes of open websocket connection50

Prices of our Plans

For testing or for private purposes and up to 100 credits per month you may use our services for free. For productive use, or if you consume more than 100 credits, you have to subscribe to one of our commercial plans. The plans include different numbers of credits and offer different discounts for additional credits.

Credits Each
Free100- €- €
Basic1.000140 €0,12 €
Standard10.000470 €0,11 €
Large50.000900 €0,10 €
Xlarge150.0002.400 €0,09 €
Custom300.0003.900 €
or on request
0,07 €
or on request

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try your services?
Simply create a free account and start developing!

How can I order a commercial plan?
Drop us a mail at You  will first receive a quote. After confirmation, you will get an invoice that can be paid by credit card or bank transfer. Invoices can be issued monthly or for a complete year in advance. If we have to charge credits exceeding the limits of your plan, we will do so monthly.

Can I change my plan?
Yes, of course. You can change your plan at the end of each billing month. If you have been billed on a yearly basis we will let you upgrade your subscription at any time.

How can I cancel?
Drop us a mail at and we will terminate your subscription at the end of the billing period.

Which is the right plan for me?
We know it is difficult to choose the right plan for your specific use case. To give you an idea, the following two scenarios exemplify the costs you may expect.

Scenario 1
As a transit agency you offer to your customer a map that displays the courses of a trip your customer has chosen. A trip will on average consist of three different connections. The map has a medium size of 600 x 800 pixel, so each view will require around twelve requests for the map tiles. The map functionality is used by 3000 visitors per month, and each user pans and zooms the map two or three times.

In this scenario you will need approx. 500 credits, so you will stay well within the limits of the Basic plan.

Scenario 2
As a transit operator you would like to show to your visitors all vehicles from your company following your line network. You implement the map full screen and use the real-time service to show the vehicles on it. Your website has only 1000 visitors per month. However most of them are fascinated by your map, so they keep it open for five minutes in average.

The large map will need 100 requests for each map view. If all of your visitors zoom and pan the map, each of them will easily cause 1000 requests, resulting in a total of 3000 credits per month for all users. Additionally, the usage of the real-time service requires another 100 credits. With this kind of usage you could still go with the Basic plan and pay the additional requests separately. However, if the usage of your site increases only slightly, you may want to consider getting the Standard plan.

How can I calculate how many credits my specific application requires?
Our cost calculator should be helpful to get an idea on this.

What happens if I use more credits than my plan provides?
If you are using the free plan and surpass the free limits, we will inform you by mail, and we take the right to limit your usage of our services at any time. However you will never be charged without warning.

If you are on a paid plan, we will also inform you by mail when you reach the limit of credits included within your plan. Within the paid plans, all credits exceeding your plan will be charged automatically.

Where can I see, how many credits I have been using?
You may always check current usage of credits in the Keys section of your account.

Need help?

If you want to test the API, please login and create your own API-Key.

Please contact us if you want to use the API for production!

Feel free to reach out to the team via