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This API allows to get precise routes for various modes of public transport.

In order to define the route you may pass names and IDs for stations or geographic coordinates. Routing can be based on different networks. While OpenStreetMap is the most common one and the one with most details in it, we also provide additional datasets that are optimized for maps of smaller scales.

The routing for MOTs of public transport uses an algorithm by Bast & Brosi (2018) that has been adapted to our needs. We have added routing for pedestrians, cars and trucks from Graphhopper. In order to achieve the best possible results all base data like the underlying networks or the dataset of stations undergo continuous quality control and improvements.

If you want to test the API you should use the current demo key {apiKey}. For tests with the key you can use your own tools or simply the form below.

For more ideas please check our demo or example implementations in the Learn more section.