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Realtime Positions

This API provides positions of vehicles as well as trip info for many transit agencies worldwide. It is useful to display the positions and movements of trains, busses, trams and other vehicle types on a map and to query the route and timetable for these vehicles.

The API is based mainly on data from the public domain, most of them being published as GTFS. The exaxt geographic course of the vehicles is, if not already included in the original data, calculated with our Routing API. For some transit agencies the positions of the vehicles on the route are interpolated from static timetable data. Many other agencies also provide realtime information, so the calculated positions are very close to the movements observed in real. The API contains more or less the same data that are also visible on our famous TRAVIC website.

The API uses classic GET requests. In order to display smooth and realistic movements on a map the API must be queried in short intervals of 2-5 seconds. In order to learn how to use the API we recommend to check our free JavaScript library react-transit.